Great Books on Interior Design

Home Décor Cheat Sheets: Need to Know Stuff for Stylish Living

The Home Décor Cheat Sheets can show you the timeless design rules for a coordinated space. These cheat sheets are colorful illustrations that are easy to understand. They teach you all you need to know to beautifully decorate, arrange, and furnish your home. In a few seconds, you can learn the concepts that are vital in giving your home an inspired look, including the best way to:

– Use Natural Light to Brighten Rooms
– Fit the Rug to the Room Perfectly
– Use Throw Pillows to Add Elegance
– Match Furniture Styles Properly
– Arrange Wall Art Stylishly
– Create Dramatic Lighting Effects

When it comes to your knowledge of interior design, are you starting at square one? Don’t worry, this paperback is a comprehensive primer into design lingo and the proper styling and sizing of nearly every type of foundational décor element on the market.

Jessica Probus, the author, is an interior designer. She walks newbies through the various types of shade mountings, tile patterns, and the best way to choose the right size rug for a living room versus a bedroom.

The Complete Photo Guide to Window Treatments, Second Edition

This guide is the most comprehensive book on the market. It offers the reader inspiring location photography and step-by-step instructions for making 50 projects. Window treatments include different curtain styles, roller shades, Roman shades, cornices, valances, swags, and formal draperies.

You can even learn how to make more technical shades like outdoor blinds and roller blinds using shade fabric. Homewners in Sydney are loving outdoor blinds at the moment because they block out the sun, wind and rain, creating an additional room in your home.

These are designed for DIY sewers. This book is valued by trade schools and professional workrooms since it teaches professional methods for installing window treatments, sewing, and measuring. This book is updated with photography and includes the latest styles in window treatments, making the second edition a must-have.

Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating

When styling a beautiful space, it’s about more than just hanging a piece of art strategically or placing furniture in the right place. It’s also about the intangible elements like scent, mood, and familiarity. These elements can make your home a space you want to spend your time.

Blogger and Interior designer Lauren Liess has divided her “field guide” into three parts for decorating beginners. This can help you consciously consider each room and find the best way to make your home come alive.

Readers are inspired by a room’s unique style, which includes lovely framed botanical prints and Liess’s textile patterns which are inspired by weeds and wildflowers. The book is divided into three sections. The first section focuses on fundamental design elements, with each chapter devoted to a specific element, including furniture, lighting, and color.

The second section addresses the intangible elements of design, including creating mood and aesthetics. The third section tackles the specific challenges that are unique to each room of the house.

The Complete Book of Home Organization

From apartment solutions to small spaces, this book covers it. It also includes a 15-week total organization challenge that can help you tackle a large, messy home.

Home organization and design go hand in hand, so this book is a must-have for people who want to decorate their home. There are many ways to store your treasures and art, and other less attractive items. However, you can make these functional extras tidy and seamless. This book teaches you the art of creating aesthetically pleasing storage spaces that flow within your home, instead of having storage that look like an afterthought or eyesore.