7 Must Read Books on Home Remodeling

Having a smooth and cost-efficient home renovation can be achieved by proper planning and execution. Get the wise and effective advice from the professionals and experts who can help you come up with a cost-effective home remodeling solution. Without hiring the services of an expert, homeowners can also opt to resort to best selling home remodeling books to help them get acquainted with the essential tools, strategies on how to execute their plans and achieve their dream houses.
To help homeowners and individuals with remodeling their homes, below is a list of 7 Must Read Books on Home Remodeling which can help assist individuals in achieving their vision of a perfect and comfortable dream home:

1. “Dream Home: The Property Brother’s Ultimate-Guide to Finding Fixing Your Perfect Home” by Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott

Emmy-nominated The Property Brother’s vital tips on buying materials to achieve your dream house. With the effective tips provided by the famous brothers, homeowners can easily attain their dream homes by simply following the guides.

2. “Not So Big-Remodeling: Tailoring Your-Home for the Way You Really Live” by Sarah Susanha and Marc Vassallo

This great book helps homeowners to think and act like a real architect and demonstrates how you can make your home look larger and attractive. Any home can be larger than life and can be made beautiful and conducive for living by following the effective tips offered by this book.

3. “Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home” by Julie Carleon, Margot Quralnick, and Matthew Williams (Photographer)

One of the number one authorities for home renovation, Remodeling.com gives vital advice for homeowners on how to remodel their houses in style. Homeowners can have the option to turn their boring homes into chic ones by resorting to follow the useful tips written in the book.

4. “Renovation: 4th Edition” (Completely revised & updated) by Michael Litchfield

This book is considered as the “bible for all home remodeling guides and a much sought after book by homeowners. The famous guide book for home renovation gives its readers the chance to turn their simple homes into attractive abodes with its budget friendly tips.

5. “What Your Contractors Can’t Tell You: The Essential Guide to Building and Renovating” by Amy Johnston

This book offers homeowners ideas to help them attain their vision with cost-effective and efficient measures. Any homeowner would want to renovate their houses for a change from the once boring one to a more comfy one with a stay on budget plan and this book offers them the practical and useful tips. Also safety information like tips on dealing with asbestos. Clear Asbestos Removal is an Adelaide company that does just that, they share their tips in the book. For more information you can visit clearasbestosremoval.com.au/adelaide for some safe tips on identifying and removing asbestos.

6. “The Visual Hand-book of Building & Remodeling: A Comprehensive-Guide to Choosing the-Right Materials & System for Every-Part of Your Home” by Charles Wing

A classic reference book on home remodeling, this wonderful book is an updated edition and gives essential information needed by homeowners.

7. “How to Design and Build Your Own Home” by Lupe DiDunno

Considered as the best illustrated home renovation book, it provides readers ways to design their own homes. The book also gives practical advice on buying tools and materials to help you with executing your home remodeling.