5 Essential Home Design Books

Home is where our story begins. No one wants that story to begin with designs of someone else. What’s the point of home is then? Designs suggested by contractors often seems technical and complex. You are building home not a factory! Given below is a list of books which will float you to a shore of building happy home

1) Home Plan Doctor-the essential companion for anyone buying a home design plan -by Larry W. Garnett

Often while making a property purchase, we get confused by variety of factors considered. You might consider a spacious house, but forget durability of house. One way or the other we tend to miss out on factors to be considered. The book provides readers with a checklist and also explains basic principles of home planning. From selecting the plan desired to designing each room, this book has it all. Achieving your dream home is not much of task if you have this book handy

2) Living in Style: Scandinavia by Karin Gabraek

Scandinavia has some of the most gorgeous and unique homes. So why not take some clues from these most heavenly homes. The book covers home designs from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. People visit these countries to treat themselves that quality elite time, so how satisfying is the idea to get that elite touch to your home. The book suggests Breathe taking and verdant landscapes showcased by oversized windows are quite extensively featured in the book.

3) American Rustic by Chase Reynolds Ewald

Those beautiful Rocky Mountains, lakes flaunting beauty of nature are sites to die for. The idea of complementing this scenery with house seems very enchanting and intricate. As beautiful the idea seems it might be a bit complex to mingle up the house with undertone of nature. American Rustic seems to be a right book and solution to such problems. The book captures various designs which fuses ideas of rustic design with modern living. For instance the book shows electric ski home in Rocky Mountains. Visuals provided by Audrey Hall serves perfect ideas for furniture as well as settings to make them look magnificent.

4) 150 best mini interior ideas

Now a day’s social networking sites are flooded with ideas of micro living. Ever wondered how you can look classy and sophisticated in such a house. 150 best mini Interior ideas work perfectly to solve this problem. The largest home featured in book is 1,119 square feet. The book showcases wonderful ideas. The book tours 150 brilliant compact residences. This book works as a guide to design a cosy and vibrant environment. It’s not necessary to show the elite class in grand homes, a smartly designed home works equivalently.

5) Sand castles: interiors inspired by the coast

Vacations at beach, sand touching your bare feet, smell of salt in the air and cool breeze filling you with enthusiasm, the thought itself mesmerizes us. The book covers interiors ranging from bohemian fashion to classic look. It suggests right elements to complement your home with a coastal décor. What makes the book different from others is the ideas are not inspired from specific country but entire world.